Exhibition stand construction

This is a branch of interior decoration that has been designed and implemented due to lack of time and temporary exhibition due to limits in compare with interior decoration. Exhibition stands have several branches such as wooden pavilion, space frame, partition and various structures. Prefabricated. The specialty with the main objective of market presence as well as suitable advertising, as a tool for expanding the market, in competition.

Exhibition STAND

The pavilion is a place for displaying the goods and providing services. The pavilion is basically a model of the participant's profession, the more skillful the design and arrangement of it according to the type and purpose of the company, the same as the reality of the company reflects and should be designed, constructed, arranged and managed in such a way that The philosophy of being and the theme of the company's activities and visual appeal.

Stand design is not just an artwork, and it's not just a matter of focusing on one aspect, but first of all, a place to introduce the character of the company and advance its goals ,As brief it should be noted that a stand must have the following features

1. Eye catching design

2. 2- Match with the type of showing products or services

3. Suitable location

4. Involving a clear message for the visitors

Stand size

Determining the size of a booth is not based on personal matters, and the large amount does not add to the company's credit and smallness may also not be able to meet the goals of the company. Therefore, in order to determine the size of a booth, the number of products, their size and volume, The need for negotiation and formalities, etc., with the appropriate budget allocated by the company and calculate the size of the stand relatively. To choose the best booth size, consider the following.

1- Objectives for attending the exhibition, which determines the budget and products to be provided.

2. The showing method and the number and size of products to be presented on the pavilion

3- Acquiring sufficient information about the number of visitors and contributors to the exhibition and attracting a number of them (according to the company's policies) and having an appropriate space for entry or negotiation that is important in computing stand space.

4- The quality of the exhibition and the company's policies for connecting the appropriate reception with the allocation of VIP space

5. The number of stand staff and their required equipment for their duties

6- Having training sessions or presenting and introducing goods and services by audio and visual equipment

Division of pavilion space

In order to maximize the use of the booth space, it is necessary to divide the booth according to the needs and constraints and according to the goals set for participation in the exhibition with a detailed and calculated map.

How to divide a booth can vary according to the type of activities and goals of the companies. Booth space can be divided into a number or all of the following:

- showing space of products and services

- information area

- Negotiation and consultation space

- Video show space

- furniture space

- Service space and catering

- Warehouse space or additional equipment

- Training space

Typically stand space can be divided into several sections, regardless of their area.

Information section

This section, which is usually at the front of the booth, is for informing companies about the visitors and is one of the important areas for attracting the audience and achieving the goals of the companies. In this section, providing brochures and corporate gifts, and guiding visitors and responding to them as information is done and can serve as the forefront of companies to display the character of the company and attract visitors. Usually people with a high level of public relations should work in this area and treat all visitors with the utmost respect and attention. This is an important principle that sometimes becomes negligent in its implementation.

Show section

The display space is the main pillar of the pavilion. In this section, the service, product or product replenishment is performed. In this section, the contact person in charge of the stand or experts in the sales and technical department will be visited with visitors and buyers. The visitor will get acquainted closely with the product and the company's goals, and how the next interactions will be established.

In this section, the machine can also be displayed and provide more specialized information to the customer. In the absence of space for the negotiation and consultation section, all stages of the work in this section will be carried out. With the right design, the video display space will be available in this section.

Negotiation and Consultation

This section plays an important role in the marketing and sales of goods and services, as well as convincing the customer to purchase the goods or use those services and then conclude contracts.

In this section, product capabilities, company capability, and complete description by the group or negotiator will be available to the customer, and initial negotiation, agreement, and possibly prior signing, donation of company gifts and specialized catalogs will be carried out. The design of this section can be different and inspired by the meeting room and the company's negotiations, with convenient and convenient facilities.

In this section, if the space is large enough, it can be provided to cater for special guests and to conclude a contract.

Support section

- Visible area: includes office furniture and reception desk for guests and visitors

- Invisible area: includes space for maintenance of equipment and supplies, an abundance of space, and a rest space. .

This section will vary according to the breadth of the booth and the facilities of the companies, and the design of its units can be done in a separate and independent manner if it is large. This is the case in most corporate 
and corporate stands