About Us

Rayka Sazan company active in the field of  interior decoration and exhibition services since 2008 , which has  provided outstanding performance in the field of exhibition stands and interior design. Today, employing advertisements methods are unavoidably issue that directly and indirectly affects marketing and sales. The effects of advancement in architecture science have also been brought into the field of interior design , which are combined with the creativity and artistic and technical ideas of our design and engineering team leads to a suitable design for a simple plan . This company has been developed by having experienced designers and implementation team in order to satisfy customers.
Using the new methods with own abilities, we will find the right solutions for all your needs.
Our Intellectual Principles : Honesty, Expertise, Discipline
Creating executive and specialized projects to make choices and, ultimately, to meet the needs of the customer.
Optimizing the use of materials to implement decoration to reduce costs while maintaining quality.
Utilize numerous, efficient implementation department to expedite practical actions
Guarantee the design and implementation in accordance with design at the right time
Suitable costs for different projects
Own professional sales personnel to make a beneficial connection with customers.